The Catholic Church is the Mother of the Bible

«The Catholic Church is the Mother of the Bible ✝️

She is not the child of the Bible, as many non-Catholics imagine, but its Mother. She derives neither her existence nor her teaching authority from the New Testament. She had both before the New Testament was born. She secured her teachings, her authority directly from Jesus Christ.

If the Church did not preserve the Bible, shielding it from the attacks of the barbarians, copying it in her monasteries throughout the long centuries before printing was invented, the modern world would be without the Bible.

If all the books of the Bible and all the copies therefore were blotted out, she would still be in possession of all the truths of Christ and could still continue to preach them as she did before a single word of the New Testament was written. For the truths are deep in her mind, heart and memory, in her liturgical and sacramental life, in the traditions going back to Christ.

1- The New Testament was written in its entirety by Catholics
2- St Peter, the first Pope of the Catholic Church, is the author of two of its epistles.
3- The Catholic Church determined the canon or list of books to constitute the New Testament
4- The declaration of the Catholic Church that the books of the New Testament are all inspired by God constitutes the sole authority for the universal belief of both Catholics and Protestants in their inspired character»

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