What joy you will have when your children testify before the Judge: “My father and my mother are the reasons and the cause of my eternal happiness”.

Holy Mass 6/20/2021

(Sermon excerpt)

«The most important thing you have given them is their Baptism. Because that Baptism opens up to them many other treasures: the other Sacraments of the Catholic Faith.

Fathers prevent their sons and daughters from being idle good-for-nothings. Some children become that. And I blame the parents more than I blame the children. Parents have to truly inspire their children to be industrious, specially on moral and spiritual matters.

Fathers communicate throughout the child’s entire childhood, the highest purpose of life. We are careful to teach them how to protect the body. But the true father, teaches them how to protect the soul.

They teach their children the hope of the soul: the hope for the beauty of Heaven. They’ve given to the child a craving —they have developed a craving— for what is good, what is true, what is beautiful.

There is no greater blessing upon a family than a pious and a devout father. A pious father realices his God-given duties, and he performs them to the best of his ability, with anxious zeal.

The day you fathers took your children home from their Baptisms, they were no longer yours: you consecrated them to God. You gave them to God, they were made, at that moment —that the salvific waters of Baptism were poured on their heads— they were made children of God. Entrusted to you, loaned to you: Property of God.

The obligations of fatherhood are huge. They are sublime. They are awesome.

A soldier, when he is given a command in war, to hold a certain mountain, a certain bridge, a certain hospital, will do so at all cost, even the cost of his own life. For the sake of war, winning the war; for the sake of this nation, for the sake of the principles of his nation, that of freedom and religion. God has given the fathers a sacred mission, and that mission is to sanctify your wife, and your children.

Baptism makes a man like King Solomon. King Solomon built the most beautiful temple the world could ever see. His father David wanted to do that, but God forbade David because of David’s sin; He permitted Solomon to do it. And you fathers built a temple more beautiful than Solomon’s temple —when you bring up a child in holiness. When you have them Baptized, that child becomes a temple, more beautiful than that of Solomon […] You’ve worked very hard, that is a father’s most important duty, to keep the temple of your children’s soul clean and pleasing to God.

The heaviest cross a father has is to preserve the innocence and the purity of his children, of their children. […]

Train them to give their will’s to God. This is one of the ingredients of success: when they will give their will’s to God —and not because you tell them to do something— but at a higher cost, because they know God will’s them to do it. There’s a higher cost.

Your children will live as they have been taught to live. You neglect the religion and you can be sure your children will grow up wayward. Immerse them in religion {the Traditional Catholic dogma} and they will be pious; and they, in adulthood, will make right decisions, right choices. […]

Remember that kindness and prayer are your greatest tools. St. Joseph is your model, and not only your model but your advocate. Rule with prudence, patience, and a sense of service. Honor your wives, their mothers.

Be a catalyst of peace and charity in their homes. It takes a great deal of effort, sometimes superhuman effort. Bring up your children in {the} discipline and correction of the Lord, says sacred Scripture; this takes certain amount of courage, not always a popular thing to do. Lead them to fear God, lead them to love; and practice virtue, a holy life. And thus, you will help them to attain, not a car, not a career, not a home, you will help them to obtain unimaginable glory in Heaven.

Your solitary boasts as fathers, in the next world, will be the children that you bring to Heaven with you. What joy you will have when your children testify before the Judge: “My father and my mother are the reasons and the cause of my eternal happiness”.

God love you. And God bless you.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.»


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