You Have To Cut From Novus Ordo by Bishop Donald Sanborn

(Minute 12:33) «1. The Roman Catholic Church is the infallible teacher of mankind, by the power of the Holy Ghost. 2. The Roman Catholic Church can therefore NOT be associated with an institution which teaches error to mankind. Impossible. 3. But the Church of which John Paul II is the head teaches error to mankind, as we have already seen. Officially teaches error, and heresy. 4. Therefore, one cannot associate the Church of which he is the head, with the Roman Catholic Church. Impossible. The Church in which he {John Paul II} is the head teaches error, the Roman Catholic Church cannot teach error. They cannot be the same institution. Impossible. Logically impossible. Like yes and no. Logically opposed. 5. The Pope —meaning a true Pope— is the head of the Roman Catholic Church. You cannot separate the Roman Catholic Church from the Pope. And the members of the Church are identified as catholics by being in union with the Pope. So the Pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church. 6. If John Paul II were the Pope, then the Church of which he would be the head, would be the Roman Catholic Church. Obvious, logical. 7. But this is impossible, that the Church of which he is the head be the Roman Catholic Church, therefore. 8. It is impossible that he be the Pope.

Therefore, conclusion, it cannot be a mere matter of opinion —as some say— whether he is the Pope or not, since to recognize him as being a true Pope is to recognize his Church as being the Roman Catholic Church, which is blasphemous. Which is to identify the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Ghost, the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, with the spirit of heresy. That is a blasphemy.

So it is all logical. It is a cristaline logical order that is available to the intellects of even the simplest people.

It is founded on our Faith in the Holy Catholic Church, and in the Infallible Magisterium of the the Holy Catholic Church.»

Bishop Donald Sanborn

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