Weaponized sex is one hell of a drug.

«Thus, a good man, though a slave, is free; but a wicked man, though a king, is a slave. For he serves, not one man alone, but, what is worse, as many masters as he has vices.»
— St. Augustine, City of God

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Porn the new weapon of choice
«Ramallah, West Bank – Porn movies and programmes in Hebrew are being broadcast by Israeli troops who have taken over three Palestinian television stations of Ramallah, irate residents of the besieged West Bank town said on Saturday…»

Israel Bans Porn and Prostitution as Their Military Use It as Warfare Against Palestinians
«The jews in their ethnostate long ago tried to ban pornography and have truly been a people interested in family formation, genetic purity and not subjecting their people to twisted material…»

Weaponized sex is one hell of a drug.

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