Concept of The Race by Pedro Albizu Campos (1935)

«For us, race has nothing to do with biology. Neither moon complexion, nor boiled hair, nor oblique eye. Race is a perpetuity of virtues and characteristic institutions. We are distinguished by our culture, by our courage, by our nobility, by our Catholic sense of civilization.»
Don Pedro Albizu Campos, Puerto Rican Catholic Martyr

Click to access concept-of-the-race-1935-by-pedro-albizu-campos.pdf


And when I refer to Don Pedro Albizu Campos as a Catholic Martyr, that is extra-officially, since he gave his life for truth, in Jesus name (within Albizu’s limitations as a sinner, like anyone else) —but sacrificed his life nonetheless—, for his country, which happens to be my country, Puerto Rico…

In Spain — and remember that Puerto Rico and most of the rest of the Americas, like many other kingdoms of the world, was a part of the Sacro Roman Empire, whose Emperor (military strength) was in Spain (under the Church, obviously in Rome) until recently in history— we have what is called the “leyenda negra“, (“la leyenda negra anti-católica“), the anti-Spanish and anti-Catholic propaganda, to makes a joke of our ancestors, calling them guilty of genocide, outdated, etc. To attack our COMMON TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC HERITAGE, sponsored by the (false) Crown & the BBC.

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